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I love sharing the beauty and wonder of transformational sound.

Gong Sound Therapy &  Biofield Tuning

can enable profound and lasting inner change.

I invite you to come and explore.

Discover how elegantly the Gong sounds encourage  inner reflection and assist in personal growth and self empowerment.

My approach is grounded and compassionate.

aim for you to feel comfortable and safe with dashes  of fun and lightheartedness too.

You're in the safe hands of a holistic therapist with  35+years experience.


high quality gongs | tuning forks | singing bowls



  • Gong Practitioner Training Course

  • Exploring the Gong Introductory Workshops

  • Gong Workshops

  • Collective Gong Meditations

  • Private Tuition for the Gong

When teaching, I like to ensure that the groups are small enough to be able to give individual attention and mentoring to the students. 

I look forward to meeting you.


Gong Practitioner  I trained with Sheila Whittaker 

Gong Tutor for the College of Sound Healing.

Gong Master Training with Don Conreaux & Aidan McIntyre.

Master classes on the Gong with Jens Zygar & Mitch Nur.

Accredited Biofield Tuning Practitioner

I trained with Eileen Day McKusick, founder of Biofield Tuning.

Sonic Anatomy Guide for Sing the Body Electric.

I trained with  Eileen McKusick & the Brothers Koren. 

Voice Coaching to use my voice therapeutically with  Alexandra Rigazzi -Tarling. 

  • Member of the College of Sound Healing (CoSH) 

  • Gong Tutor for College of Sound 

  • Member of the Massage Training Institute (MTI) 

  • Member of the Complementary Medical Association (CMA)

  • BA Hons. 

  • Member of SGI-UK, a socially engaged Buddhist movement, I've been practicing this Buddhism since 1994

Other services that integrate well with my Sound practice 

  • Relaxing,Remedial Massage & Hot Stone Massage


Your comments …

Gong Practitioner Training

Angela was amazing, very supportive and gave great guidance throughout the course. Always available.

Angela delivered the course in an easy to understand, enjoyable and professional way.


Loved every moment. Angela is an authentic tutor, her passion for Gong playing is infectious and inspiring.


I love that Angela teaches with such a relaxed and complimentary manner. She's so encouraging that it helped me to try different things .


Very well put together and well run.

Plenty of information and time to practice with just the right amount of pushing one out of one's comfort zones.


5 Star!


Helpful - Supportive - Opening - Inspiring 

The Course was thorough and filled with practical and insightful info.

It was lively and fun in appropriate measure.


As good as therapy!  Doing my case studies with increasing confidence and flow. I didn't know where the Course would take me and now look forward to having clients.

All round excellent, very informative and always fun days.


The Course has given me so much confidence and knowledge. Over the last year my life has completely transformed …

It was very enjoyable and offered a wealth of knowledge.

Knowledgeable, informative, great insight in to sound healing.

Very informative and well structured. A good mix of practical and academic elements.

Gong Sound sessions

The safe space in the session allows you to explore your deeper being with confidence as the cascading variation of tones peel away your layers with ease ..complete unadulterated bliss where I have embraced the earth and universe joining in its sacred dance.

I do not claim to understand one bit about vibrations, or energy, or the earth shattering profundity of sound, but I can tell you that what Ms Mason did for me was deliciously life affirming.

Biofield Tuning

I just wanted to say a big thank you… the session you created for me felt like a gift, really very beautiful,

'I feel like my inner spring has been unwound… thank you so much.' 

'…another deep clearing…and now I'm feeling fantastic- very positive, empowered and really great… so thank you, very much.'

'What a magical treatment! I very much look forward to the next 3 sessions …' 

All Body Sonic Tune Up

Soothing Bell
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