Introduction to the Gong 2 Day Intensive 






At various locations around East Sussex

Gong Sound Meditation

using high quality Gongs, Singing bowls, Sound Galaxies Crystal bowls and other harmonious sounds.

No need to do anything! Just find a space, lie down comfortably and allow the sounds to wash over and around you.

Personal 1:1 session

Like a deep massage of your entire being where waves of complex sounds bathe and re-tune us on many levels. A great way to experience deep relaxation and peacefulness. If you allow it, the Gong sounds can help to switch of the mind chatter and sink in to the spaces between the sounds…


'Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your session last Friday… 'mind-blowingly awesome ' was how I described it to friend. Many thanks.' NB


'A cosmic super blend of amazing and thrilling!!' sue


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