Where Touch Meets Sound

You’re enfolded  on a warm soft couch drifting into relaxation... into this state of deep restfulness flow gentle sounds... the uplifting tones from crystal bowls and singing bowls  begin the magic and then the beautiful GongSounds begin...

Drawing on nearly 30 years experience in Massage, Holistic touch, CranioSacral techniques, Reiki and other healing ways, I offer you a wonderful and deeply relaxing blend of these healing arts –Touch with Sound.


Treatments incorporating tuning forks,

 sound or followed by GongSound

Uplifting - Deeply relaxing - Energising In this comprehensive treatment I use deep tissue and relaxing massage to create a wonderful sense of wellbeing. You're enfolded...
Relaxing Massage & Sound
1 hr 30 min
from £98
"Biofield Tuning is a sound therapy practice that uses tuning forks to reduce the amount of noise and resistance in our electrical system. When our bodies are in tune and...
Biofield Tuning
1 hr 15 min
£68 or £190 x 3
You are massaged with warm, smooth, ancient stones from deep within the earth, helping you to deeply relax and slow down. Into this deep restfulness flow gentle sounds......
Hot Stone Massage & Sound
1 hr 30 min
from £100
A soothing,gentle facial incorporating sound from weighted tuning forks with smooth crystals, gentle massage to the neck,shoulders,face,head,feet and hands. Deeply relaxi...
Sonic Holistic Facial
1 hr 30 min
From £100