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Biofield Tuning

Holistic Massage    Gong Dreaming CDs

"It has brought me back in balance on lots of levels as well as being thought provoking. I found them intriguing, in a way I didn't expect. Almost like meeting people ... that energy exchange of different individuals. Some warm and relaxing, others pushing buttons.

It's difficult to explain but it's made me more aware in a new way of the resonance of connection and how each exchange and manifestation of emotion has a sound, a wave a frequency."

LO GongSound Retreat

Thank you Angela for a wonderful weekend ..

Thank you all for a great weekend and especially Angela for all your knowledge and guidance.

Another fantastic weekend!

Gong Practitoner Training Course  

"WOW!!!! That was spectacular what a beautiful privilege thank you for sharing."

Exploring the Gong Workshop

"Just want to say again how wonderful the gong bath was today and I'm so grateful for all the powerful energy you put into it.

I'm feeling truly blessed to have this new autumnal energy flowing through me today."


Julia - GongSound Journey

"Her Massage technique is light years away from anything else I've experienced. Words are inadequate – you have to put yourself in Angela's expert hands to understand this unique language of stellar sensory experience."

Sue - Massage Therapy

"Cannot put into words how deeply relaxing and nurturing Gong

Sound Therapy is!!!


Feels like eight hours sleep and a loving hug."

NB – Group GongSound Workshop

"I have finished listening to your CD and can't wait to do it again!

It's really good, by far the best gong/bowl CD I've heard so far…

I love it, it's my own sound genie at the press of a button and I can settle down and listen whenever I like, well done."

LS – GongDreaming CD

'What a magical treatment! Very much look forward to the next 3 sessions… ' 

 KG – All Body Sonic Tune Up 

'Thank you for my treatment, although sometimes uncomfortable I felt so good afterwards and still do now. 

Look forward to the next one!'

 LW – Biofield Tuning 

'Thanks so much for the 3 wonderful sessions. I felt healing and break throughs on each one. The last session helped me with my visibility in the world and the steps I'm taking with a project…

After the session I was really hungry and slept a lot…have been sleeping more and needing time to re-balance with all these new energies. Many blessings to you."

SH – Biofield Tuning Distance sessions. 

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