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You are warmly invited to come and bathe in

the transformational Gong sounds… 

When our bodies are in tune and in rhythm we enter a state of balance and flow and are able to relax freely and enjoy restorative sleep. .

What  is Gong Sound and why try it?

The Gongs bring many people a sense of deep relaxation, rest and  renewal when they relax into the sounds, let go and allow their soundscape to unfold.

It is a relaxing and transformative experience of sonic bliss. As you float on gentle waves of sound  it's like a deep massage  and tune-up of your entire being by the complex sounds.

You are immersed in the tones and vibrations of gently played Gongs, drawing in the sounds you need, encouraging a return to harmony and filling you with the message of wholeness and renewal.

The tones build in a mathematical sequence of great beauty and are sustained  towards infinity. It's this extraordinary quality that encourages Theta brain waves and helps to relax your mind, effortlessly encouraging an experience of  re-connection to timelessness and joy​.

What happens in a Gong Sound Session?

You lie fully clothed either on a treatment couch or on a comfortable nest  on the floor. 

After a spoken relaxation gentle sounds begin to play, they build and drop away in waves during the session, interspersed with other harmonious sounds.​

Like a Gong Murmuring or Gong Whispering, the sound builds slowly in peaks and troughs carrying you on the flow of sound.

As the last Gong sound dies away, soft harmonious natural sounds bring you slowly back to full awareness and a period of quiet integration. I bring this healing silence to an end with my voice, drawing you back to the world again.​

1-2-1 Gong Therapy

 Your private group at my studio

 Distance Sessions

Workshops &  Retreats

 Private Tuition in playing the Gong

The Gong Practitioner Training Course 

What you say about Gong Sound …

"Thanking you Angela! Your gong baths are more and more a magical and

restorative experience." 

"Angela thank you so much for what I felt was my most wonderfully relaxing gong bath ever!"

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