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near Wadhurst East Sussex TN5 


I warmly invite you to join me…

experience the nurturing sounds 


1hr 30mins   


course prices available at discount 

Experience deep peacefulness and renewal.

What happens in a 1:1 Gong Session?

You lie fully clothed on a treatment couch or on a cushioned nest on the floor. After a spoken relaxation the gentle sounds begin usually from crystal and other singing bowls – gradually the gentle gong  sounds begin.

The sounds build and drop away in waves during the session, interspersed with other harmonious sounds and pauses in the sounds.

The nurturing Gong tones blossom and wash around you taking you into a place of timelessness and renewal, encouraging your body to return to harmony.

Many sounds are woven into your journey creating a session unique to you.

feeling and hearing your own healing soundscape

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