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Playing the Gongs at Ceremonies

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

Our dear friend Lesley-Anne passed away in December.

Her family very kindly invited  me to play

the Gongs at the Ceremony and it was a privilege to incorporate her Venus Gong and the beautiful Singing Bowl she had forged with Resounding Earth.

They sang her song of loving kindness.

From the early days of my GongSound events, she was my Gong Angel/Roadie, holding space for us and later making available the beautiful Heart Space Studio for the Gongs. Her gentle presence and calm, compassionate nature touched many lives.

My thanks to you all who came to the March 2018 GongSound Meditation at the Heart Space in her memory. All profits ( £170) were donated towards a mature tree(s) to be planted in a glade of the Woodland Walk that John and her family are creating in her memory. 

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