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Feel Good .. Sleep well..

Hot Stone Massage

Just wanted to say thank you for a sublime massage yesterday - just what I needed, for both body and mind. I slept sooooo well last night!


Angela, thank you sooooooooo much, that was AMAZING!!!!!! I feel so good and I smell lovely........ I shall sign up onto your mailing list

Much love Bx

Gong Sound Meditation

Thank you for a beautiful Gong Meditation x

Hot Stone Massage and GongSounds

Hi Angela,

For years now,  I have the blessing to meet you and enjoy the great massages and sound baths that you offer... but today I would like to express my deepest gratitude for today's experience: I arrived at your house tired and in pain because of my injured shoulder.... well through your massage and the beautiful sound bath, I left with out any pain and absolutely uplifted. Thanks a lot!

Lots of love, M

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