Experience the transformational power of therapeutic sound


Angela Mason 

grounded, gentle and compassionate

supporting you on your journey to dynamic good health


Gong Tuition

Massage therapy

Please wait 7 days  after a C19 vaccination

before receiving a sound healing treatment or attending an event.

 College of Sound Healing guidelines.

photo Angela by Jens
photo Angela by Jens

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PHOTO-2019-03-25-17-55-07 5

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photo Angela by Jens
photo Angela by Jens

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a voyage of inner discovery and 

deep peacefulness

Angela …has been an amazing tutor all the way through - very well prepared, nurturing & approachable…

made a beautiful, supportive space for us all…

Angela's generosity of wisdom, knowledge and experience is overflowing & has made the course an absolute life changing experience.

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